Radio telescopes, antennas, radomes,...

DUQUEINE Group is also present in the Industrial sector as illustrated by its collaboration with THALES ALENIA SPACE on the ALMA project, the largest radio astronomy project in the world. • DUQUEINE Group designed and manufactured the 25 sub-millimetre precision antennas of 12m in diameter, prepared with ultra-high module carbon fibre. These antennas were produced on site in DUQUEINE Romania, assembled and controlled in DUQUEINE Rhône-Alpes and delivered to the Atacama Plateau (Chili) at 5000 meters altitude and subjected to extreme temperatures from -50°C to + 50°C.



DUQUEINE Rhône-Alpes is a partner with the health sector for the development of medical devices.

Wind Tunnel Blades

DUQUEINE Rhône-Alpes is specialized in the design and manufacturing of composite blades destined for the wind tunnels for the aeronautic sector. The nonstandard dimensions of these installations goes up to 20 meters in diameter.

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